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During Hurricane Sandy, our web master was not  able to quickly update  the web site with closing information. However, Twitter messages went out immediately.

Twitter will be used to notify you of rink closures due to weather and mechanical or other problems. In the event of a sudden rink closure, a Tweet will be sent stating the closure and directing you to the web site for further updates.

Tweets will NOT be sent to tell you that the rink is now open. You may assume that the rink will be open on the next business day unless this web site states otherwise or you get a tweet stating that it is closed on that day.

Tweets may be sent to notify you of major schedule changes such as summer or winter vacation changes.

While the system is being worked on, there may be test Tweets sent out.  These tests will always begin with the word TEST.

By following Mount Pleasant Ice Arena on Twitter you agree that there is no guarantee that all sudden closures will be Tweeted in a timely manner.

Please do not reply to tweets.


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